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Why Donate?

NAS-Central and foonas (foonas donations and spending are included here too) need to start saving for a new server years down the line when this one expires. This may not seem terribly urgent but we are funded entirely by donations and raising money for a whole new machine can take some time.

Also we like to be able to fund competitions to encourage new developments for NAS devices, like the 2009 competition currently in progress!

Lastly we have an ongoing need to provide developers with machines and parts to allow them to write software to share with you. Anything you can afford to give will help make a difference!

How To Donate

Click on the PayPal Donate button below and follow the instructions. Thanks for the help!

  • Either send money from your PayPal account or with your credit card via PayPal.
  • You do not need to have a PayPal account if you donate via a credit card.

ALL DONATIONS: 5684.34 EUR / 7885.54 USD

Based on 1 EUR = 1.36233 USD

We will contact you and ask you for a name/nickname for the donators page after you have donated. If we do not receive a response within a week you will be added to the anonymous donations section for privacy reasons. If you would like a link to a website alongside your name at the donators page let us know or update the page yourself!

Our reserve fund is separate to the balance and is our savings for replacement hardware for our server and for a new machine when we need one years down the line.

Where The Money Gos

Firstly a big thanks to all those who donated - you can find these people on the donators page.

You can see how we spent your money to date in the following pages:

Who Manages Donations?

Currently timtim manages all the donations and handles them for the whole community.

Previously mindbender managed donations for the Linkstation Wiki which turned into NAS-Central.