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1) Hosting at is paid until 08/2009
- 147 €
The domain is reserved until 06/2008 and will be extended automatically.

2) 3 * GPL-Source (HS-DGL, LS Pro, Terastation Pro)
- 60 €

3) 2 * Jtag-Kits built by tampakuro
- 34.45 €
mindbender & timtimred got the kits...they can be used to unbrick ppc-boxes (Linkstation, Terastation, Kurobox). mindbender already unbricked his LS1 with it.

4) 2 * Serial Kits from Compsys Workbench

- 34,96 €
lb_worm currently has both kits.

5) 1 bricked LS2
- 56 €

tampakuro looked at it and it has a damaged AVR. mindbender did not know if it was reviveable, thats why he donated the money for buying the LS2 via ebay and only the shipping costs to tampakuro were paid by the community. he did that because he did not know if this box was reviveable or not.

This are the plans for the LS2

  • to design & test JTAG-Cables (kuroguy) - DONE
  • to install a bidirectional serial console (kuroguy) - DONE
  • to analyze the functions of the AVR pins (kuroguy) - DONE
  • to port the UBoot bootloader to it (LinuxNotIncluded) - he currently has the box
  • to port the 2.6-Kernel to it

6) JTAG-Kits for other main developers
- 35.90 €
lb_worm & flavoie got them.

7) Additional parts for tampakuro
- 28.55 €
This is the amount tampakuro spent on the Mouser Electronics order. It includes all parts for a serial adapter, Wiggler compatible cable , IDE connectors for connecting to the LS2 JTAG header and AVR pins, resistors for the USB ports, and some other goodies that were necessary to put it all together.

8) 11 * Futuredial Mobile Phone Data Cable (USB)
- 18.32 €
For the current initiative to build and distribute cheap & prebuilt & ready2use serial-port-connectors for the LS Pro we bought 11 Futuredial Mobile Phone Cables for 0.99$ each on ebay.

9) 1 bricked LS-Pro
- 28.10 €

tampakuro will get the box and he can mess with it as he likes. we don`t know what exactly isn`t working with the box, but maybe it is a faulty UBoot in flash. if this is the case then this box would be the best for research about how to restore the flash from outside (JTAG or any other way). UPDATE: the LS Pro is a brick. but now we have parts for repairing other LS pros...something that is also good.

10) shipping costs for LS2 (goes to Linuxnotincluded) and 9 * Futuredial Cables (to mindbender)
- 18.14 €

11) Costs for parts that are needed to build some prebuilt serial cables for the LS Pro
- 30.00 €

12) A Jtag cable from ebay for tampakuro
- 23.08 $
If tampa can modify that JTAG-cable then it is far easier to get access to some all over the world

13) A development LS Pro for georg
- 170.00 €
for analysis of the ACP-Stuff. This box will be a development box.

14) A flash-programmer for tampakuro/kuroguy
- 59.03 €
Needed to for the dual-flash-mod of the LS pro. This mod is needed for UBoot customizing.

15) A development LS Pro for tampakuro/kuroguy
- 140 €
look at the news. he bricked his brand new LS pro with hardware mods.

16) A ZIF-socket for tampakuro/kuroguy
- 30 €
not everything seems to be lost with tampas killed LS pro. he thinks that there is a good chance the he can replace the flash with a ZIF-socket where he can put some flash-chips which he can programm with his programmer into it. If it worked we have unbricked the first LS Pro and we have the perfect box for UBoot experimenting.

17) 10 Polarlink USB-Datacables for Siemens C25
- 89 €
these cables are more expensive than the first 10, but we know that they definitely use the Profilic chipset we need for these custom serial-cables for the LS pro/LS Live.
If you want to build yourself one on your own, get one here: there are nearly 5000 left.

18) LS2 with flashrom error from
- 57 €
i know it isn`t that cheap...but better than 100 €.

19) soldering the headers on pitty-t`s LS2 and on the HG donated by cloud
- 50 €
Again not cheap. But fast as hell.
mindbender already unbricked the HG which will go to andre. both boxes are Development boxes.

20) buying 11 JTAG10-adapter cables from
- 182 €
5 of these JTAG10 Adapters go to mindbender(Austria), 6 go to kuroguy(Florida).
It is possible to use this cables for unbricking ppc-boxes and the LS2.

21) shipping for NAiL`s kurobox from kuroguy to him
- 22.91 €
kuroguy sends him a JTAG10-cable as well.
NAiL will use this box for testing the foonas-openembedded-image which he and timtimred are currently developing.

22) Two Serial LCD displays for hacking onto LS1, LS2, TS, TsP, LS Pro, and Kuro models
- 36.45 €
kuroguy will assemble and describe installation, Jonli will write a kernel module.
We will finally be able to see what our boxes are doing without logging in.

23) Buying a defective kurobox pro at ebay for kuroguy + shipping
- 65 €
kuroguy removed some chips from the mainboard and used it for identifying the JTAG-traces on the LS Pro/LS Live. some arm9 boxes actually were already revived via JTAG and openOCD.

24) Paying for 3 months of hosting on NAiLs Server, now that we are using it temporary
- 132.15 €

25) Paying an additional month of hosting on NAiLs Server, so we have a solution until the new server
- 42.15 €

26) Paying for 10 cables with can be used for usb2serial in ebay
- 89 €

27) paying for an LS HG for jonli447 so he actually can use a box for the purpose he bought it
- 92.47 €

28) paying for 10 JTAG10-cables from SOC Robotics, Inc.
- 136.43 €

29) paying for a new server: Donation_Drive_2007
in the end we were even able to upgrade the CPUs a little more! Thx again!
- 3193.23 €

30) donating money to OSUOSL for hosting us.
- 120 $ = 86.50 €

31) paying for registering our new domain for 5 years
- 65 $ = - 46.85 €

32) buying timtimred a Kurobox Pro for foonas-testing, including shipping
- 239.89 $ = - 180.57 €

33) sending ka6sox our part of the money for the upcoming backup system
- 312.00 $ = - 229.53 €

34) price + shipping for magnums dead LS pro to investigate his JTAG problems.
- 30.00 €

35) price + shipping for a bricked kurobox.
- 65 $ = - 45.79 €
34) 1st May 2008 - £20 was donated to OSUOSL.
35) 22nd June 2008 - £122.59 was taken from the donation drive funds for a N1200.
36) 28th June 2008 - Thanks to a kind donation of £127 from Chris Wilson we were able to purchase a second N1200.