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Current Events

2009-1 NAS-Central Competition


This is an open competition. Your objective is to create and submit your own open source project targeting devices supported by NAS-Central using whatever means you have at your disposal. This competition is to encourage new development of open source software for NAS devices so try to make your entries as innovative and unique as possible!

Here are examples of possible entries:

  • New boot-loaders with new features
  • Better kernel support for a device
  • Custom images (PBX, media server, new distributions)
  • Your own piece of software that does something cool and relevant for one or more devices

The deadline for the competition is 12:00 UTC on July the 12th 2009.

The judging method is likely to be a panel of community members along with a community vote. We have not calculated how this will be weighted as yet. Read the rules below for essential competition requirements and check back here for updates!

Good luck!



First Prize

First prize is the Zyxel NSA-220, a dual drive (hard disks not included) NAS device with gigabit ethernet and several USB 2.0 ports based on a Marvell Orion SoC.

More information on this device can be found at:

This device sells for approx £170 - £250

Second Prize

Network space sfront.jpg

The second prize is a 1 TB Lacie Network Space, a new gigabit ethernet based storage device released in February 2009. This is a very cute little NAS device that is based on an Orion SoC with a huge 7200 RPM disk running Linux.

More information on this device can be found at:

This device sells for approx £120 - £180

Third Prize


Third prize is a Olimex ARM-USB-OCD peripheral. This USB device has a standard ARM JTAG connector, OpenOCD support and an extra serial port and power socket to power low powered ARM devices.

More information on this great little device can be found at:

This device sells for approx. £55 - £75


  1. The source and items to install your submission must be uploaded before the deadline, and we mean all the source!
  2. An installation and at least a basic usage guide for your project must be documented in the relevant wiki at before the deadline - more points for better documentation (but obviously the main focus is on the project - this could decide a tie!)
  3. Your project must be released under an open source license of your choosing
  4. If you win you are obliged to write at least one wiki page of an article of your choosing on your prize in the relevant nas-central wiki
  5. You can't win more than one prize, although multiple entries are fine
  6. If you win a prize and your shipping destination requires some kind of import tax or duties your end you agree to pay these normally small charges
  7. You must live in a country that we can legally export these prizes to from the UK
  8. Note that the prizes will probably come with a UK power cable although we may be able to supply Euro/US ones

How To Enter

Nas-central.png reserves the right to update the details and rules of this competition at any time